Credentialing and Scope of Practice Application Form (QLD) - Renewal

Application for appointment and scope of clinical practice as an accredited practitioner
  • Personal and Contact Information

  • (e.g. Dr, Mr, A/Prof; Prof)
  • (for Hospital invitation list)
  • Professional Practice Details

  • Professional Registration Details

  • Professional Indemnity

  • * This information is required to assess an application for scope of clinical practice and will only be used by Townsville Day Surgery for such purposes. Information provided will not be disclosed otherwise.
  • Detail the scope of Clincal Practice Requested (Not applicable to Surgical Assistants)

  • Other Clinical Practice Sought (Not applicable to Surgical Assistants)

  • Professional Development over past 3 years

    Please include any research activities, funded projects and quality assurance activity. (Please list below or attach CV at the end of this form)
  • Current Public Hospital Appointments

    (Please list below or attach CV at the end of this form)
  • Current Scope of Clinical Practice at other Private Hospitals

    (Please list below or attach CV at the end of this form)
  • Details of all Health Care related employment within the last 10 years

    (Please list below or attach CV at the end of this form)
  • (Please list below or attach CV at the end of this form)

    Please upload required documents below:
  • Declaration and Authority

    I authorise the Townsville Day Surgery, its employees, officers and the Medical Advisory Committee, to obtain information on an annual, or as necessary, basis from the registration body/indemnity insurance organisation as nominated in this application, regarding the currency of my registration/membership of that body/organisation.
    I authorise the Townsville Day Surgery to include my practice details in any Hospital Specialist Directory.
  • I authorise Townsville Day Surgery to conduct a criminal record check in respect of my history including information relevant to the provision of services to children and I agree to notify the Chief Executive Officer if I am convicted of a sex or violence offence or any other offence relevant to my practice as a Medical Practitioner.
    I authorise the Townsville Day Surgery, its officers and the Medical Advisory Committee to verify with relevant individuals, external organisations, and nominated referees the validity of all claims, including complaints made, including explicit consent for the organisation to verify my declaration regarding health status, professional registration history, claims and legal proceedings.
    I declare that I have no physical or mental condition or substance abuse problem that could affect my ability to exercise the scope of clinical practice requested or that would require any special assistance in order to enable me to exercise that scope of clinical practice safely and competently. I undertake to notify the Townsville Day Surgery if this statement becomes incorrect in the future.
    I declare that my medical indemnity/professional indemnity cover is adequate and appropriate for the Clinical Privileges and activity which is the subject of this application.
    I declare that I am the person named in this application and that the information provided by me in this application and in connection with this application is accurate and complete and is not misleading or deceiving or likely to mislead or deceive. I understand that if I have provided misleading or deceptive information, or information which is likely to mislead or deceive, that the Townsville Day Surgery Board may (in its absolute discretion) consider that I do not have ‘current fitness’ under the Hospital By-Laws.
    In applying for appointment I acknowledge that I have been provided with, and read, a copy of the Hospital By-Laws and if appointed, agree to abide by the By-Laws and policies of the Townsville Day Surgery, including any annexure or variation to the By-Laws during the tenure of my appointment, all relevant legislative requirements (including compliance with HQCC Standards) and any terms and conditions which are attached to my appointment by the Board/Licensee. I understand that non-compliance with the Hospital By-Laws may be grounds for suspension, termination or imposition of conditions on my clinical privileges.
    I undertake to notify the Townsville Day Surgery promptly and in writing, if my scope of clinical practice is altered in any way at any other hospital or day procedure centre.
    I agree to attend committee and clinical meetings at the facility to support my discipline within the facility, and to participate in any clinical quality assurance activity including submitting my practice to clinical audit and peer review, in conjunction with the hospital, the Medical Advisory Committee or clinical specialty committees if required by Townsville Day Surgery.
    I undertake to notify Townsville Day Surgery should any information provided in this application for appointment vary in any way.
    I acknowledge and agree to release and indemnify Townsville Day Surgery from and against all claims, including legal costs, out of a decision to suspend or terminate my accreditation or to not re-appoint me in circumstances set out in the Hospital By-Laws.
    In the event of myself or the aforementioned practitioner(s) being unavailable in the case of an emergency, I am agreeable to the facility seeking urgent alternative assistance with authority to be exercised only after consultation with the facility Chief Executive Officer or duly authorised person.
    I understand that my Appointment will be reviewed in three (3) years or earlier if considered necessary.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Please notify us immediately if you have recently returned from overseas travel in the past 7 days or had contact with a suspected or confirmed case of (COVID-19). 
Please DO NOT enter the Townsville Day Surgery premises if you are unwell, have a temperature, cough or cold. Where possible, pre-admission forms can be completed online via the “pre-admit” link. Masks are Mandatory in this facility.