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The strategic plan has been developed in consultation with the Board and Executive to achieve the goals and objectives of the Townsville Day Surgery Mission and Values. Townsville Day Surgery wishes to operate as a quality provider of surgical services to the medical community demanding superior Day Surgery Facilities.


Through its pursuit of best practice initiatives and its commitment to continuous quality improvement, Townsville Day Surgery is dedicated to deliver an effective model for Day Surgery to the community.
As such we partner with the community to support and enable individuals, families and significant others to maintain, restore or improve their health status without prolonged hospitalisation.


The Townsville Day Surgery values its Human Resources and recognises this as our competitive advantage. The Strategic Plan will guide our practice into the future addressing challenges in new service, technologies and the changing nature of health care. Inspired by our flexibility in thinking and practice, together with collaboration and partnership in risk management principles, our values will ensure excellence for our staff and consumers. The Board of Directors will endeavour to govern and manage effectively and efficiently according to its values and goals, to ensure quality care is provided so as to protect and enhance the interests of the shareholders.


Townsville Day Surgery is committed to provide a safe environment for patients and staff.

We recognise the importance of the ongoing provision of high quality healthcare services to further develop the existing partnerships with tertiary education, Townsville Hospital and Health Services and Mater Health Service North Queensland. Townsville Day Surgery will continue to provide an extensive range of services, while investigating opportunities to expand and develop current services, as the community continues to grow.


  1. Continuing to provide, develop and enhance the services in the current specialties
    • General Surgery
    • Orthopaedic Surgery
    • Gastroenterology
    • Ophthalmology
    • Gynaecology & IVF
    • Uro-Gynaecology
    • Colorectal
  2. Explore new opportunities to meet the growing needs of the community by:
    • Building a relationship with Townsville Hospital and Health Services to help decrease public wait times.
    • New service opportunities by making contact with new surgeons and new disciplines.
    • Suppling VMP with leading edge equipment.
  3. Provide a safe working environment with a proactive approach to Risk Management and professional development with the staff.
    • Provide regular in-service training to develop workforce capabilities and commitment
    • Actively engage with staff in decision making
    • Enhance recruitment and retention to lower staff turn over
  4. Review current polices and procedures and where necessary streamline/modify them through feedback from the agreed team approach. To ensure changes are based on evidence and a smooth transition to implementing changes –
    • Enhance patient experience
    • Support VMP & GP’s
    • Feedback from consumers, carers and the community


Successful implementation of this strategy will ensure that Townsville Day Surgery remains a viable business and a provider of quality in health care.

Successful implementation of this strategy will ensure that Townsville Day Surgery remains a viable business and a provider of quality in health care. Short and long term opportunities will be implemented to improve on service delivery to patients, efficiency and effectiveness. Investing in up to date medical technology and infrastructure will improve clinical quality and enhance the ability to recruit and retain specialists, which in turn will generate revenue for Townsville Day Surgery. This will be achieved by –

  • Continuing all existing services with upgrades of current clinical and general equipment when required.
  • Confirming there is appropriate reinvestment in equipment and infrastructure to support quality patient care by reporting against annual review of equipment audit. 
  • Actively engage with specialists in regards to the decision making during the research and purchasing phase of new equipment.
  • Exploring marketing options to support and focus on Townsville Day Surgery Mission, Values and Strategic Plan.
  • Actively develop and maintain partnerships with Townsville Hospital and Health Services, Mater Hospital Services North Queensland, Defence Force and James Cook University. To further investigate funding opportunities and movement of new specialists in and out of our community.
  • Develop preferred provider arrangements with Health Funds and third party contractors.   
  • Include the community in key features of Townsville Day Surgery planning, education and patient processes.


Townsville Day Surgery will continue to improve and identify effective strategies to implement governance and accountability to support hospital services provided.

Townsville Day Surgery will continue to improve and identify effective strategies to implement governance and accountability to support hospital services provided. This will be achieved by –

  • Maintaining accreditation status with ACHS
  • Meet the National Patient Safety and Quality Health Service Standards
  • Continue a strong clinical safety and quality framework reporting system
  • Ensure a robust organisational framework and educational programs to support safety and quality.
  • Mentoring staff through ongoing training days and in-services on clinical safety and quality.
  • Establishing a clear risk management process.
  • Ensuring clinical responsibility and accountability for each service is defined.
  • Maintaining clinical information and business practice data is captured and accurate.
  • Strengthen management’s ability to promptly access clinical and financial data. To help make real-time decisions that impact the business process.
  • Promote clinical services in the community through effective communication and marketing strategies.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please notify us immediately if you have had contact with a suspected or confirmed case of (COVID-19). Please DO NOT enter the Townsville Day Surgery premises if you are unwell, have a temperature, cough or cold. Where possible, pre-admission forms can be completed online via the “pre-admit” link.